Tuesday, July 29, 2008

60+ gone gone gone

Well, here I am after losing 62 pounds, I have found out that I am a workout junkie, an addict if you will. I love the feeling of my heart pounding and the sweat dripping down my face as the elliptical moves in rythm with my music of choice. I love cranking the incline on the treadmill and wasting away 30 minutes. I love the 7 mile bike rides Jeramy and I go on through the Flat River Trail. Oh and I love the feeling of putting up the weights and feeling my muscles scream. Most of all I feel good about what I am doing to my body. I am not in this to just lose weight. I am in this to be healthier for me, my husband, my children and some day far, far in the future my grandchildren. I have no desire to be stick thin, I want to be athletic. I want definition and tone. A couple years out of high school a friend and I were walking through the mall. I was stopped by an older woman just to be told how beautiful I was. I don't need the ego stroking nor do I want it but I want to feel that way again. My husband goes with me every night to the gym. It is a commitment we made with each other. Those of you that know him realize he doesn't need much work in the "workout" department but the first time I lasted the entire program on the elliptical I was so proud I had to go drag him from the weight training corner to show him. We compare the amount of weights we lift. It's not a competition, we just feel good about it. Our lives have changed so much. We only drink once every few months, try to eat organic and whole wheat and know the fat, protien and fiber content of everything in the house..hell, probably everything in your house. I even have recipes for all natural breads, muffins and cakes so I am not totally torturing the kids. To my WW buddies, keep it up...heres to 60 more!