Monday, September 15, 2008

I have lost an Olsen Twin

Seriously, I googled 81 pounds and an article about Mary Kate showed up, funny. The weight loss has been slow the past 2 weeks but I know it is due to a bigger than usual loss the week before and increasing weights at the gym. I have decided that once I reach my goal weight I am going to buy one of the ellipticals from the gym. Then I am going to drag it out front and beat it to peices with a sledge hammer. That thing is the devil...not even close to the kind of wimpy wanna be devil that comes from a store bought or precor elliptical though. These things are hard core. Old school reebok ellipticals that have Jeramy sweating from his forarms after 15 minutes. I hate to love that machine.

I am thrilled I made my first goal of 75 pounds by my 30th birthday..that alone has me tickled pink. I posted a photo of my progress, it isn't the best quality because I took it with my cell. I will talk Jeramy into taking a good one soon. BTW, to all of my friends who turn 30 soon, it's not all that bad. I keep referring to myself as 29.1 and I was hoping to stop getting carded. It was a quiet birthday..just the way I like it. I got my hair cut off, I went out for dinner, got some gifts and slept alot through the rain after watching 2 of my favorite 80's movies: Eddie and the Cruisers and Girls just want to have Fun. The haircut made me happy as it was way past my shoulders and thick and big. It is now a nice tapered bob that will continue to give my flat iron something to do. Love you all and I hope to see some of you at Juke's Bar on October 10th.