Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spandex is a Privilege, Not a Right!!

Me: "My ass hurts"
Jeramy: "You need spandex with a chamois"
Me: "Seriously?"
Jeramy: "Yeah, you need to order some and a sleeveless jersey to get rid of that funny tan"
Me: "ok, fine..if you say they will help."

This conversation was the beginninig of my horror. Spandex! Oh yuck. Jeramy looks fine in his, of course he does. He is tall, toned and weighs 150 pounds. I decided on knickers because at least they would cover that lump of fat above my knee. I didn't want to go too expensive because by the end of the season they will be too big anyway (hopefully). I placed my order for a pair of XL Nashbar Echo Knickers and a XL Pearl Izumi Sleeveless Jersey.They showed up in the mail today and I just stared at the tiny stretchy attire. Obviously, the extra large gods have not seen my ass. Seriously, I had no idea how all this was going to fit into that. True to form Jeramy was encouraging and said I was crazy and to go try them on. In the bedroom I sized up these knickers and prepared myself for the worst. I wore a pair of spanx once and think I slipped a disk trying to get into them. Oh my god!! They went on. A little loose in the waist, tight in the derriere and thighs and a little loose around the knees. The chamois felt like a diaper. I slipped the jersey on and it fit perfectly, even a little baggy in places. I am not used to or comfortable with wearing bottoms that tight but I will give it a try. Hopefully I don't look like that guy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's a Big Fish..

I rested up yesterday after 8 days straight of working out. I have kicked my own butt for the past week, my schedule looked like this:

Sun: 15 Miles Cycling
Mon: 45 Min Elliptical
Tue: 30 Min treadmill 30 min weights
Wed: 4 Miles walk on the trail (1 hour)
Thu: 30 Min elliptical 30 min weights
Fri: Zumba was cancelled ;o( 25 min treadmill 15 min elliptical 15 min recumbent
Sat: 30 Miles cycling (major hills)
Sun: 34 Miles Cycling.

I wanted to go 50 miles Sunday but my legs just wouldn't have it. For good reason they were tired and needed some rest. The best part was getting up to 30 mph going downhill on the way into Sheridan. What a rush.

I lost 2 pounds and that tbrought my total to 141. I am always swollen on weeks I push hard like that so hopefuly the water weight will subside and the scale will show a little more for all of my hard work.

I Googled my loss and found the picture of this giant halibut. Ok that's a big fish.

Monday, May 18, 2009

139 Pounds..GONE!

I lost 3 pounds this week for a total of 139. I am thrilled beyond belief. Excited, determined and refreshed. Zyrtec is my friend. Allergies are under control and my muscles recieved a well deserved break.As I was riding my weight loss high I got a negative phone call, my buzz kill came in the form of someone disbelieving my weight loss and commitment to fitness. Yeah, screw them.
On an upside we went to visit my father-in-law last night and he was so shocked when he saw me. He hadn't seen me in about 3 months and was full of compliments. It's funny how the weight loss effects other people. It's my body and my journey but it really pulls out some peoples insecurities but it also shows you who is on your team. who really loved you but in the same breath are thrilled to see you healthy and happy.
Speaking of happy I got on my bike yesterday and we went or a quick 15 miles. Not far but it was fun and my head and chest were still complaining from my allergies. This weekend I would like to get in about 70-75 miles. CatEye bike computers came out with a new cycling computer that Pink for The Cure so naturally I had to have it. I guess now I can stop asking Jeramy how fast we are going and how much farther until we get there,LOL.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The week started out with a not so stellar weigh in and I came to terms with that. Matter of fact the scale has inched down quite nicely since then. I have been horribley ill since I cleaned out the flower beds on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to the gym and hit it hard for an hour, by Wednesday night I was already wheezing and hacking stuff up. Thursday I awoke with the same lovliness deep in my lungs and I hauled my ass to the gym anyway. After 45 minutes on the ellptical my chest was on fire. When Jeramy came home from work he talked me out of didn't take much talking. So I have been a sick, coughing, sneezing bump on a log since Thursday. On the plus side I am not the type that eats when sick..I actually hate it. So between toast, coffee and alot of water I almost feel detoxed and like my body really needed these few days of rest. I am still congested but hoping to wake up better and climb on my bike.
I love my bike. I love not really having to think about it and just letting my mind release. I love the fast descents and even though I don't love the steep climbs I do love the feeling of accomplishment I have at the top. I want nothing more than to feel better and be on that bike tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My first ride with my new feet and other frustrations...

Even though Sunday was chilly it was still sunny and I was determined to try out my new pedals and shoes. My husband was terrified I was going to either hate them or not be able to figure them out. Well, I figured them out within about 5 seconds and I hated them for the first 8 miles. When your feet feel like they are welded to the pedal everything else has to be perfect. The cleats and pedals added about an 1/8 of an inch so my seat had to go up and my right cleat was 1/4 of an inch too far forward so it was adding pressure to my knee. I know small numbers but trust me they make a huge difference. The next 9 miles were a little grueling as I relearned how to pedal but the remaining 17 miles where better and overall I love the new setup. I even shaved 10 minutes off of my best 34 mile time so I guess there is something to be said for clipless.
So a day after I overcame the fustrations of the new pedals I had to weigh in. Now my calorie deficit all week has been 1000+ a day, I worked out every day except Saturday and I eat mostly veggies and whole grains, yogurt and fruit. I eat meat only about once a week, I drink protien and take vitamins. I get my fiber and oils. I change up my routine at the gym and quite frankly I work my ass off. The scale did not budge
I know there are all kinds of reasons and in my brain I accept them but in my heart I am tired. I know I will probably have a great weigh in next week but that doesn't change how I feel today. It doesn't change things and I won't give up but now that I have less than 50 pounds to lose (all of which I seem to be carrying in my lower stomach,thighs,and ass) I notice people like to complain to me about losing 25 pounds. C'mon, seriously? I know it is hard to lose weight but I have lost 136 pounds and I really don't want to here about someone trying to lose 25 when I am currently trying, struggling, to get to their size. It's just one of those days.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Training might be the death of me

In three months, 13 weeks to be exact, I will be participating in my very first Triathlon. It is a Sprint Triathlon in Freemont Michigan. Swim 300 meters, Cycle 9 miles, Run 5k. I am excited and a little terrified. Hopefully I will be 25 pounds lighter by then to ease some of the strain on my knees but regardless I plan on hitting it full steam ahead.
For Mother's day I asked for new cycling shoes and clipless pedals, I was beyond excited to get them early and will get to try them out Sunday morning. Last weeks work out was grueling and alot of people ask what I do so I will break it down:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 90 minutes free step
Wednesday: 45 minutes treadmills running intervals
Thursday: 40 minutes Elliptical/ 30 minutes weight training
Friday: 45 minute Zumba Class/ 20 minutes treadmill running intervals
Saturday: 35 Miles Cycling/ 30 minutes weight training
Sunday: 23 Miles Cycling hill work

I have been at this for months...10 months to be exact, 13 months on WW. I should be a freakin' size 2 (yeah right) but alas my body only gives a little at a time. On the flip side I am thrilled that I can keep at it and I love to push myself a little more physically every day. It's a hell of alot more than I could do a year ago.

School is almost out and the girls have noticed how much more active I am with them. School activities aren't such a chore anymore.I have to add that my little gifted Aspen is now at a 3rd grade reading level yet still almost as small as her little sister. That poor girl will be lucky if she grows to 5 foot. Brianne has joined band and the highlight of Chloe's day is going to the gym with us. They have stopped complaining about the Boca burgers and tofu noodles, heck I think they might even like the powdered peanut butter.

I was going to race the Tour De Mont Pleasant which is a USA cycling event but I think I am leaving that one up to Jeramy. I will happily be a cheering spectator because it is not often you get to meet pro cyclist. Jeramy works crazy hours (knock on wood) so his training is limited but I am positive he will hold his own.

Biggest Loser Fans: Vote for Mike!!