Tuesday, October 21, 2008

92 pounds lost...no it's not getting easier

This is work. Time consuming, ass kicking, sweaty, emotional work. I plan out my food to get the best fuel for my day. Soy crumbles have replaced hamburger and I have learned to make brownies with black beans. I know how much oil I need to eat to keep healthy and which kind of oil that is. I know when to start breathing deep on the elliptical and at which mile marker on the treadmill I need to stretch my back out. This is not easy at all. Fitness is a commitment, weight loss is a commitment. I am not losing weight for vanity. I am losing weight to run, cycle and swim. To jump up and down with my children. To chase them quickly if they decide to escape into a road. I am losing weight because my husband and I enjoy being active. Racing, competing, sweating.

Recently I was asked what finally got me motivated...what was my ah hah moment? I don't know if I had just one moment where I decided I had to lose the weight. I just found myself physically wanting to push farther and my body not being able to keep up. It's a hell of alot more work to cycle 10, 20 even 50 miles when you are fat. I lift weights, not little weights. Ab crunches with 120 pounds and leg lifts with 100 pounds..I am not weak. I have never been weak just too busy focusing on others needs instead of my own. Too busy wallowing in self pity to realize my full potential.

As a team Jeramy and I could teach classes on nutrition and fitness. Is that lifestyle for everyone? No, not at all. We do it because it makes us happy and takes the stress away. I guess my point is that none of this has been easy, the rest I want to lose won't be easy and maintaining it won't be easy but for all my hard work I am happier and healthier and I get to share all of this with my best friend, my husband.

Now you wanna see what 92 pounds looks like..check out this fish...that's alot of weight to lose. Imagaine carrying that thing around all day.