Monday, June 23, 2008

Now it's 50

50 pounds are gone. Seems like a huge amount to most people but when you have alot to lose it is almost as defeating as it is encouraging. The healthy choices are still easy for me to make it is just at this point I would like to hit the fast forward button. I guess if I could do that then I wouldn't fully appreciate the outcome. I just keep on truckin'. I got my grandmothers beach cruiser type bike with silver fenders and all. Over the weekend we went 11-12 miles. It felt good. I ripped my freakin' toe open from being stupid and wearing flip flops but it really felt nice to know I can ride for a long time and I am only getting started again. I am a tough chic though. When I slipped my pedal and ripped my toe open I just kept on going the rest of the 5 miles. Kinda gross though, Jeramy had to cut the extra skin off and pull grass out of it..yeah it's pretty bad but oh well. We go again tonight....8 more miles.


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