Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The tic-toc of the clock is painful.....

My first triathlon is 5 weeks away and I am doubting my abilities. My goal since starting this journey has been just to finish. Now, I have some set times in my head. The swim should take me about 10 minutes (I hope). I have never swam with a large group of people and honestly it terrifies me but I am sure we will all be adults about it. The ride should not take me any longer than 30 minutes. It is a flat 9 mile course and then there is the run. I should be able to walk/run the 5k in around 40 minutes. These times are slow honestly, my dear hubby will be done in about half of the time but to lose the amount of weight I have lost and cross the finish line of a triathlon will be enough for me.
I need to start adding bricks to my training. Right now I either ride, lift or run with a day of zumba and a 45 minute elliptical routine thrown in. I work out about 15 hours a week between cycling and the gym. Next week I need to ride to the gym and run and then ride home. I am also switching to smoothies for breakfast. I can't seem to find a cereal with the right sugar levels. I either get the shakes and upset tummy from too much sugar or I get light headed and tired from not enough. The smoothie seems to be the right balance and I can add protien to make up for the fact that I barely ever eat meat.
So on the weightloss front I lost 1 pound last week. Yay! Seriously after all of the crap that went wrong here that one pound feels like twenty. Also, our WW summer challenge started and I am again on a wonderful team of determined women. They are the little bit of extra support I need. So many of them call me an insperation but seriously when I read about the things they have done and both their scale victories and NSV's I am both proud and remotivated. Loser Vibes to all :o)


ShellyD said...

I've missed you!! You're my inspiration. I have my Mt. Bike, can you believe it!! You are doing so well. I'm pretty sure you can do whatever you set your mind to.

I signed up for a 94.7km cycle race. Yikes, what was I thinking. LOL

Good luck and tell me more about those smoothies.


Cyclin' Missy said...

I empathize with your doubts. I felt the same way before doing my first bike event this summer. But you will surprise yourself with what you can do on race day! I totally know you can do it! You've still got lots of time to get ready. Keep it up!

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