Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why is it always so hard ?

Really? That seems to be my question for everything lately. Why is it so hard for my kids to listen to me? Why is it so hard for adult women to be nice to each other? Why is it so hard to lose the last of this weight?

As I type this my youngest is literally having  tantrum over not having enough bubbles in her bath. My oldest is screaming at my middle girl about some sort of drama and the only thing I can do is listen to it and hope to keep some of my sanity. It doesn't help to scream at them or separate them. Just  ride the chaos out and hope it ends without bloodshed.

I have decided I am going to actively start sending my husband's resume out west. I hate the area I live in. I was not raised to be rude and catty but it seems almost every woman in this area was. Details don't matter but I am sick of everything from glares to mindless chatter about my weight loss.

Speaking of weight loss, what the hell? I do this by the book. I am a good little weight watchers soldier. I work out damn near every day and yet again the scale just stays. I don't want to hear any more about muscle and size and the fucking measuring tape. I want the scale to move. It is true that I can physically accomplish a whole world of things I couldn't before but I am tired of this constant battle. I work out too much I gain, I work out too little I gain. I eat too much protein I gain. I eat sugar I gain. I live on fresh spinach, egg whites and chicken breast and guess what? I GAIN! Then the next week I lose what I gained and it starts all over again.

So many opinions and ideas on the subject leave my head spinning. I journal. I work out. I eat low sugar, healthy carbs, high fiber non processed foods. I run, I ride, I do plyo, I lift, I Zumba, I do yoga. I just want the scale to move. Just budge. Just a little at a time. I am not looking for biggest loser numbers but a pound a week isn't too much to ask for. Vent over. Now I am going to work out.


Carbzilla said...

LOL at sending out your husband's resume (even though I suspect you're serious). I saw some jobs in Hawaii and my husband said "I'd move for you." Yeah, and we'd be living on less than half what he's making - ha!

I hear ya on the weight but mine's all controlled by thyroid. When it's not doing its thing, nothing budges no matter what. If I take a pill, I have a fighting chance. Just sayin.'

Anonymous said...

Go eat a cheeseburger and fries!! If it works, I'm a genius, if it doesn't ..... crap! Kelli

ShellyD said...

Oh boy do I hear you on this way. Get some weight to budge and then poof it's back. Then the scale goes up and then it goes down. The shakes I've been trying now taste way to sweet and I can't imagaine trying to get the next one down. Yuck!!

I know you like me you love to work out. For the past two weeks I've been throwing myself into Kettlebell workouts and my body is feeling it. The book I got is easy to follow and all you need to do is find a kettlebell or two. It is 'Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women' by Lorna Kleidman. Anyways - just a thought.

I loved your comment about the measuring tape - I basically told hubby the same thing the other night. Some days it would just be really nice if the scale came to the party too. :-))

Sorry about the catty, jealous woman.

Keep at it. You have come so far and you're looking great!!


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