Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Run Run Run Run.....Breath

 25k Training has taken over my life and with that I have had to make some great adjustments on the food front. I am running, doing speedwork, lifting weights, doing pilates and yoga And spending time on my cycling trainer. My alotted points were killing me (21 on the old plan) So I decided to still count my points but if I was starving and needed to wolf down an egg or a chicken salad I would. I have been eating according to hunger so some days I get 18 points in and some days I get 28 points in. Well my my guess what?? The body likes that and has been giving up poundage. I am sitting at 18 pounds left until goal weight. A nice size 31s in J.crew jeans and a medium top.
Physically I am amazed at what a few weeks of speed work and extra yoga has done. I have never felt this fit. 2 mile warm ups with half mile speed repeats were actually fun. Pilates was a breeze, even the walk out to plank push ups. That's right I can crank out push ups like a girl in boot camp. Can you tell I am excited? The number on the scale means a lot to me but more importantly I am so fit that I am impressing myself.
A tshirt I saw that I need to get : "You may pass me but you won't outlast me."  If you truly know me then you know how much this suites me. Promise I will be back soon. Maybe even with pictures :o)


Carbzilla said...

This all rocks but why aren't you doing the new PointsPlus plan? Just curious.

Tiffany said...

Because I bought the "at home kit" 2010 version just a few months ago and there is no way I am giving them more money. LOL. I have never been a meeting girl. Only at home. I eat healthy enough anyway. I figure they adjusted it for ppl that were using the points on snack pack and chicken nugget hahah

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