Friday, March 30, 2012

Here we go again...25k or bust.

It's about that time of exhaustion. The time when I want to  sleep, scream, cuss and cry. Training sucks.
Now if I blogged more than once every 6 months or so then you guys would probably know what I was talking about. River Bank Run 25k. Again. Why? because it wasn't torturous enough to do it the first time.
I didn't deal with enough pain, chaffing, ripped skin, hurt back. Oh no, not at all. I wanted more.

I came into this training season feeling strong. Faster, healthier and more fit than the previous year. So of course my body started throwing a fit and acting like it was 103 instead of 33. There has been IT band issues, piriformas issues, stomach issues, energy issues, time issues.....hell, mental issues.

This year there is a new training group on the scene and I am no longer running for an audience. I am running for me. The problem with that is that I have already run this distance so the common goal is to PR. I was gunning for a 20 minute PR, it still may happen but right now I am tired. So very tired. Mostly mental. This bores the hell out of me. I need change.

I think that is why I like running in the woods on the dirt trails. Your mind has to think. You need to respond and be active. One the road I feel dead. Just breathing and running. I am not fast yet I am not as slow as I once was. 17 minutes faster for a 5k than my first ever. That's in a little over 2 years. Most people think this is amazing but I want more. I am greedy.

This brings me to my weight loss. I surpassed my first goal. I had to set a new one. I will be content when the jiggle in my wiggle is gone. My size 7/8 jeans are not enough for me. They are loose. I look good. I feel good but I love pushing myself, setting a new goal and hitting that goal. As with most things I always want more.

I just need a little more pep in my step....really I just need cycling season to hurry up and get here.


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