Thursday, May 10, 2012

River Bank Goodness

River Bank run is upon us. I have worked my ass off in the past couple of weeks cross training and running only twice a week in order to come back 100%. I am not fully there yet I am better.
Physically I am in a place that I can push for about an hour or so on my feet. Not bad. Not great but not bad. I am not sure yet if I will even wear my Garmin at the race. I am not stressed out about it at all. Hell this morning my toes were numb again. This lets me know that I indeed need to see the chiro again tomorrow.
Over the past few months I have ran with some of the 2012 Road Warriors. What an honor to see it from a different angle.They have all worked to their full capacity. I am honored to be their friend.
Coming to terms with not running the 25k was hard. I do  get to hear the occasional "well you aren't really a runner" comment from people who think I am somehow forced to run. That I couldn't possibly enjoy it. Well this is what I have to say to them. SCREW YOU. I am just as much of a runner as my husband who will be running his first 26.2 in two weeks. I am just as much as a runner as a 6 minute miler. Why? Because I run. I lace up my shoes and put one foot in front of the other. I leave my problems on the road and if you feel superior to me because you are faster then good for you. I am glad you really focus on the important things in life.
So Saturday I will run the 10k on my terms. I will enjoy the crowd and the energy that is the River Bank Run. I will drink a beer with my friends and I will cry for some great accomplishments. I will rejoice that all of my cross training has given me another loss of 1% body fat and that cycling season is upon us. I will watch the smiling faces of the children full of pride for their parents. I will watch the struggle and the heart ache. The joy and the new beginning that the finish line brings.
I will watch all of this with a huge grin, tears and pride knowing that I might have only run the 10k this year but next year the hills of Butterworth and roar of the crowd will still be waiting for me.


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