Monday, August 31, 2009

Take that you evil plateau...

Well after bouncing around the scale for the past month and ony losing those pesky 8 pounds in 2 months I dropped 3 pounds this week :o) All I can say is Yipeee!Finally some more real progress. My eating was very clean and my workouts were as follows:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Couch to 5k
Wednesday: Elliptical 20 minutes/ Weights 40 minutes
Thursday: Couch to 5k
Friday: Elliptical 20 minutes/ Weights 40 minutes (slept through Zumba)
Saturday: Trail Run
Sunday: 36 miles on the bike.

This week will be about the same but I hope to not sleep through Zumba because it is my favorite. I have a fabulous wedding reception to attend this weekend of a dear old friend. I am happy that I run that day so I don't have to stress out about what I put in my mouth that night.I love getting dressed up again and welcome the reasons to do so. Honestly during the week the only things that touch my face are chapstick,cleanser and lotion. My look screams "gym rat" and I am prud of


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