Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's like a really really bad dream...

Last week I lost 1 pound. 1 pound..only 1 pound. It has taken me 4 weeks to lose that 1 pound. I am so tired of stepping on the scale and it not moving. I doesn't defeat me but it is very discouraging considering my nutrition and work out schedule. Last week looked like this:
Tuesday~3 mile Run
Wednesday~ weights & 2 mile Run
Thursday~3 mile Run
Friday~ weights & 30 minutes elliptical
Saturday~10.52 mile walk
I did not induldge too much on Thanksgiving and I have increased my water intake. The only litch in my nutrition I see is that my protien is down and my carbs are up. An easy mistake to make when you don't eat much meat. No matter what way you figure it I should of lost more but no matter what I do things aren't moving. This next week I am going to concentrate on lowering my carbs a little and getting more protein. My calorie deficit for last week shows I should of lost at least 2 but then again for the week before my deficit shows I should of lost 3.....yep, getting a little angry at this point.


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