Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Pointing" myself back into the right direction...

I keep hitting the mini plateaus. I really don't know why except I have lost a great deal of weight and my body probably would like to rest. I think sometimes it tells me so but I don't listen. I have never been a big fan of being told what to do. If I was I probably wouldn't of gotten so damn fat to begin with...HUh what *gasp* she said fat. Yeah, so what? You call a crack addict a junkie so why not call it as it is..I was a fattie. I say this with love but I was so addicted to food I am surprised the sweats and shakes were not visible just at the sight of pizza. Oh I love food. I love food so much I have been using my "calorie deficit" as an excuse to squeeeeeze in some things I know I shouldn't have. Chocolate, Coke Zero, ice cream, full fat lattes.....the list goes on. I have reviewed my food diary and the only way to stop this for now is to start counting points again and STOP counting calories. The difference seems so vague but there is a huge difference. All calories are not created equal and some are just plane evil. 150 calories of black beans = 2pts, 150 calories of chocolate is 4pts...see my point, LOL. To elaborate I would upload my bodybugg calories and see I had worked off 4000 calories...well heck then I can eat 3000 right? Well sure fattie, that leaves 100o calorie deficit. Well what are you going to eat if you have 3000 calories to consume? Fajitas and a giant margarita...ME TOO, ME TOO!!! So I am back on the points and off the food crack. So this combined with the BFL workout routine is bound to kick the rest of this fat to the curb or what ever mystery place it is that fat goes when it leaves. I secretly hope it goes to the skinny bitchy head cheerleader from high school....don't laugh, you know you want her ass to explode with Twinkies too.


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