Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear Spring..

Could you hurry up and get here already? I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I am ready to feel the sun beat down on my face. I will never again complain about freezing my water bottles or my funny cyclist tan line. I have picked up some new goodies at "off season" prices and am even more excited about those. The list includes:
  • Nike Carbon Cycling Shoes
  • Giordana Gloves
  • Terry Knickers ( in a freakin' medium)
  • Pink Paisley Helmet
  • Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle
  • Fly Gurlz Race Team Jersey
  • Primal Black Orchid Jersey
  • Primal Beehive Jersey
  • Topeak Seat Bag (my other one was too tiny)
  • Cinelli Pink/Black/White Bar Tape
On average I got about 75% off on these items since it is the "off season" The shoes were the best deal. They retail for $149.00 and I paid $ in the box :o) Full carbon sole and a wider toe box should prevent hot spots. I still need to pick up some shorts and of course my new bike from the bike shop. The seat was a must have. It is one of the most comfortable women's saddles on the market today and it is smaller than the crap stock saddles that come on the bike. They should just leave them off like they do the pedals. My new bike will be the Trek 2.1 Black & White WSD with a compact chain ring. 50/34...I am so excited about this because I was riding with a 50/39/30 triple. I used the granny gear ring once and because the middle ring was a 39 it was really hard to find a sweet spot, it always felt like I was missing something. Can you tell I a excited.!?! I have been spending Monday nights on the trainer which is similar to watching paint dry but an hour on the trainer is like 1.5 outside so I should at least not die on the first ride of the season.
Weight wise I dropped 6 pounds last month which is my goal. I think at this point between 6-8 pounds a month is reasonable. I also am consistently running 3 miles in about 37 minutes in the freezing cold. On the treadmill I am slower but I am bored out of my mind on that thing so I am obviously not as focused on the task at hand.
So in a complete reversal from my last negative nelly post I am feeling pretty good. I have refocused on me, myself and I. Trying to ignore the small things that irritate me and look to the big picture. I see 100 glorious miles in my future and it looks good :o)


Donna said...

Ooooh, you have lots of goodies coming your way! What an awesome deal on the bike shoes too!I just demo'd an Adamo ISM saddle. I could only have it 7 days and then had to return it; I'm on the fence about it because it's a $200 seat! That said, it is my a$$ I'm talking about. :) I might have to look up this saddle you mention.

I've been spending tons of time on the trainer too -- and it is like watching paint dry, but worth it in the end.

Thanks for your comments too; I appreciate your supportive notes!

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