Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny Things that happen during Weight Loss...

So as I was in Zumba today I started thinking about all of the things that have happened to me while losing weight. Here are a few that came to mind:
  • While doing forward fold in yoga I realized I probably have never been that close to my feet before and I need a pedicure.
  • I woke my husband up one night freaking out about the bone sticking out of my ankle. Turns out it is supposed to be there.
  • If I don't wear the proper clothing while running I swear I hear my stomach clapping for me..ahh loose skin, gotta love it.
  • I was slapped on the ass by my brothers girlfriend. She couldn't help herself :o)
  • Cycling knickers I used to love can now be pulled up to my chest, earning the name "boob pants"
  • My poor husband is highly irritated when I drive the truck. Not because I am a bad driver but because he has to move the seat all the way back and now have to move it all the way forward. My fat booster seat is gone.
  • Fat floats..seriously. We love the hot tubs and when we used to go my body had such a high % of fat I would float off the seats. Now I am firmly planted but my inner thighs float up.
  • There are bones in my ass and it hurts to sit for too long.

These are just a few. There are also some not so funny thing like:
  • My grandfather didn't recognize me in his aging state of mind. Once he figured out who I was he was impressed but I wanted to be fat again so he would know who I was.
  • A girl at the gym talking to me about how she couldn't believe people could let themselves get morbidly obese. She had to be informed of my weight loss.
  • My skin is screwed. From my knees to my waist I look like I was melted.
  • I have had nervous breakdowns over going out to eat.
  • High sugar and high fat foods make my physically ill now.
  • Some people hate me for losing the weight.
The good moments far out number the bad and I usually laugh at something that has happened daily. I challenge you to think of things that have happened on your journey to make you laugh really hard or moments that have made you cry like a baby because these are the moments that get us through. These little non scale victories and challenges are what make this journey worth it. It is called living and I am happy as hell to finally be dong it.


Donna said...

"If I don't wear the proper clothing while running I swear I hear my stomach clapping for me..ahh loose skin, gotta love it." I call it my "mobile audience of one." I have the same problem... oh, and the melting too.

Those "friends" who knew us before don't know how we fit in their lives now! They depended on us to play a certain role; to do certain things with us. Now that we exercise and don't make what we do about food, they're often lost and it leaves them feeling uncomfortable. I've lost a few of these friends over time, and while it's sad, if they don't want to learn to support my effort then I can't have them around. :(

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