Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"The Zoo-de-Mack is a weekend of huge parties with great bands, one of the most scenic bicycle rides in the country, a lot of sunshine, views of the mighty Mackinac Bridge, and one magical island."

 Hotel is reserved. Trip is planned :o)
Originally we planned on riding the Dalmac in August/September. It is a week long cycling trip but my father in law is having his hands operated on and honestly I don't think he is up to the task of a tween girl, an overly intellectual 7 year old and a 40 year old in a 5 year old girls body. So we decided we would wait a few years to do that ride. It is almost 100 miles a day for 4 days. I would like to take the children on this ride in maybe 5 years. It will be the summer before Brianne's senior year of high school and I think it would be good for all of us.

Anyway we got turned on to the Zoo-De-Mackinaw. It is a 2 day bike party. Upon arrival in Boyne Highlands on Friday night you pick up your packet and all access wristband. The website says if you are smart you will then go back to your room and sleep until 7am....LOL. 90% of the riders don't and we probably won't either. There is a pre-party with lots of drinking and a band. The next morning a shuttle takes you to the start of the ride and you begin the 50 mile trip to Mackinaw City. There is a stop for lunch to soak up the rest of the booze in your system and the first 8 miles are constant climbing. Once in Mackinaw City you stop by your hotel, drop off the bike, freshen up and head to the Island for a night of cyclists gone wild.

You see the thing with cyclists is that we all consider beer a form of fuel and really if you have ever ridden any distance you already know how a nice cold refreshing beer makes everything seem a little less painful and a lot more fun. So after a night of debauchery the ferry brings you back at 2am and you stumble to your fancy room and pass out until check out time. YAY!

Some highlights of the ride include:
51 miles along Lake Michigan on a paved road with very little automobile traffic. Riders pedal through rolling countryside and trillium covered forests, along sandy beaches, and are surrounded by breathtaking views of Lake Michigan from 400' high bluffs. We stop approximately half way, at a unique place called the Legs Inn for a leisurely lunch and to swap stories. The ride continues on to Mackinaw City for a finish line party and where Arnold Ferry boats have been chartered for the ride over to Mackinac Island. There is also a downhill section called the "Tunnel of Trees" and some riders have reported speeds up to 40 mph on this section.For more info click here


Cyclin' Missy said...

That sounds awesome! I am going to check out the website right now. Thanks for turning me on to a cool Michigan bike event!

Tiffany said...

Missy let me know if you decide to do it. We booked the Ramada in Mackinaw City for Friday and Saturday night. We are going to take the shuttle to Boyne Highlands Saturday morning. It sounded so fun we couldn't pass it up.

ShellyD said...

Sounds like fun!! Enjoy..

For the first time ever, at the last race I finished we walked past the beer tent and I thought 'this is too good to pass up'. LOL So I had a cider. It was so goooooooood!! Yummy...


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