Monday, March 29, 2010

Bring It!

Well, I made it through week 1 of  P90X. I have been told by the Beach Body crew that what I am doing is referred to as "doubles". The proper days to add the cardio are the strength training days. Take a break and refuel between sessions if you want to give this a go.

So mid-week I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep this up through the whole 90 days. There were some moments that I was so tired that I wanted to cry. Tears of exhaustion are the worst kind. Friday rolled around and I hauled my ass out of bed and to the gym for Zumba. I love Zumba. If there is one work out that ha got me through and increased my cardio levels the most it is Zumba. BUT, yes there is a BUT, I have been attending this class for around a year. The same people come to the class every morning and the class STILL has to be stopped for instruction. I love my Zumba ladies and I love that the instructor was modifying things for me to make them more high impact but lately besides yoga this is the only reason I have been going to the gym. Everything else is done at home or outside. So after a long discussion with my husband I ordered the Zumba Fitness set and am canceling our gym membership. GASP!

In the long run I would like to become a Zumba instructor. There are certification classes in the fall that I hope to attend and there are several buildings in the area that are large enough to house a weekly class. The great part is that I can even get certified in Zumba for children. As you look around the area we have a horrible childhood obesity problem and I would like to do something about it.

So the routine is staying the same but the environment is changing. No more monotonous cardio machines at the gym. Mindless cardio and I don't mix. And now that I have strayed completely off my original topic I am happy to report that I made it through last week. Took my rest day yesterday, ran 2.71 miles this morning with my best pace to date  and then came home and completed Chest/Back & ABX. 82 days left :o)
Today is just one of those days that I am so thankful for the changes I have made in my life I can't quit smiling.


Carbzilla said...

Whoohoo! High Five! I quit the gym, and I've never felt better. Am I in awesome shape? No, but the pressure and guilt of "I should be in the blah-dee-blah class right now" is gone. All the classes that I pay for and go to will not add up to my gym membership for a year. You just gotta do what's right for you!

Cyclin' Missy said...

I've considered quitting the gym membership, too. I'd so much rather be outside, even in the winter. If it wasn't for the pool, I probably would.

Anonymous said...

See you on Sunday, and let's just have fun - I dare you to skip around the track on the way to the finish line!

Tiffany said...

Kelli, If I could do a cartwheel at the finish line I just might.

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