Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little bits of current happenings.......

P90X is going well. I follow the schedule exactly as written and as stated before add some cardio. Mostly cycling because that is what I love. I at the end of week 6 so I am officially half way though my first 90 days. The scale doesn't do leaps and bounds on this but I have seen some amazing body results. Inches lost and functional strength increased. Functional strength probably doesn't make much sense but let me explain.  Most of my weights I use are 10,15 & 20's and haven't increased in the past 6 weeks but I can jump higher, balance longer, do normal push-ups and hold the crane pose. Under the remaining 25 pounds I am strong and fit and the bonus is I actually feel it.

I am still counting points. I will probably count points until I am too senile to remember what points are. It works for me. It is what clicks and if I am a perfect little point keeper and limit my sugars and carbs I lose. Sometimes the intensity of my work outs makes me crave carbs. I am finding foods that help control that and are point friendly because anyone that does WW knows, the points get pretty low.

I ran the Yellow Jacket 5k and shaved some seconds off of my time. I was happy with that considering I had only run twice in a months time. I just wasn't feeling it. I got a pair of Vibram Five Finger Sprints and love them. I have been wearing them for daily activities and work outs but not to run yet. I want them perfectly broken in before I attempt that task. Soon I hope to be a "barefoot" runner. It is goin to be like learning to run all over again.

Speaking of running I wasn't going to follow through on my list and run the 5/3 Riverbank Run. I just got sick of it. I would rather pedal 50 miles than run 3. It is so hard for me. My back hurts and my knees swell. The osteoarthritis in my spine tightens up so quickly that I can't take "walk breaks". Once I am in motion I have to stay in motion. My knees swell. My knee surgeon said no running. I say you only live once. So fate stepped in and Pure Fit Radio sent me a complimentary entry to the Riverbank Run. The running gods say I must run so I will run. Hell, they have beer at the finish so that's worth it, right?


Cyclin' Missy said...

Go, Tiffany! Have fun at the 5/3!

Anonymous said...

I must've missed the beer last year-could be because it was raining so hard at the finish that I couldn't see two feet in front of me! Have a great race and enjoy the scenery. I was a little bummed last year when two runners in full animal costume passed me. But when I saw a guy running with a cane in each hand coming up behind me, I thought "oh, hell no!" and it made me MOVE. Free entry? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - how could you not! Kelli

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