Wednesday, March 25, 2009

126 POUNDS...time to Google!

Monday when I stepped on the scale I had lost nother 2 pounds..I busted my ass for that 2 pounds. Overall last week I traveled over 35 miles in a combination of cycling, running and walking. 23 miles were done in one day on our bikes. Damn..that's all I can say about that. I am really proud of how far I have come physically as well as emotionally. These past few weeks have been a turning point and even though I have always said I don't care what other people think we all know that is not true...until now. I have finally reached the point in my life where I am being selfish, this is for me. I could blame so many events or people for the weight I carried and I have but more than anything I am enjoying my life and my new body that can do things I never thought possible. My heart breaks a little when I see old pictures of myself because I feel like I was trapped. If you have never been there then you will never understand. Being fat effects every bit of your life from the way you dress to the way you speak. We are judged so sharply. A skinny girl leaves the house in jeans, tshirt and a pony tail and she is cute...a fat girl is a slob. I still have so much more to lose to get to my first goal and I am not sure I am even going to be happy with that. I am more or less shooting for a size now instead of a weight. The scale cannot define me as a person but I know what size I FEEL good at. So when I am there..I will know. It may be 38 pounds from now or it could be 60 from now...who knows.
Now on to my favorite weight loss hobby..Google. I am still loving googling the pounds I have lost and today I found some featherweight fighters, a model and a dirt bike. The best of all was a prize winning watermelon..126 pound melon!!! Nice.


ShellyD said...

You're looking fabulous!! You're an inspiration. I've had a few heart failure moments and I'm dreading the scale tomorrow. I started gym last week and no matter what I do the weight doesn't seem to have shifted this past week, if anything, according to the bathroom scale I'm up a bit. {{sad face}} But not all is lost, at least I am exercising and doing it properly :)) I guess I must 'just do it' and go and weigh-in.

Anonymous said...

You need to post your before and afters...they are amazing. You need to be proud of all of your hard work...I'll be joining you very soon..although it will take me just as long (I'm sure) to lose the amount you have! Here's to bat wing arms, loose skin tummies and tube sock boobies!

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