Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And there she goes..

Nashbar knickers BAD, Aerotech knickers Good. Yep I found out the hard way that some spandex is better than others. Do not buy the Nashbar brand, when you sweat the dye bleeds through..cheap cheap cheap.

Anyway, wearing my fancy smancy new lycra shorts I shaved 8 minutes off of my 34 mile trip. That means I averaged a mile per hour faster than my best time ever. YAY! Seriously I felt like super woman.To think this time last year I was struggling to go 10 miles in an hour and now I can go 34 miles in 2 hours is amazing. That is an easy fun pace.

I completed Week 1 Day 1 of the couch to 5k today. I was running before but it was getting sloppy so I decided to start from scratch and it felt amazing. I plan on completing the training because my way was just causing sore legs and cramped feet, so I will learn to pace myself. I found a great podcast for the program so in 9 weeks I will be a runner..hahahah, well, I will have run. I am a cyclist because that is something I enjoy. I am going to try to let myself enjoy running and hopefully it will come in time.

I lost 3 more pounds this week bringing me to a total loss of 145. I can only take credit for 2 of those pounds, the 3rd one I believe was water but at least it's gone now. :o)


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