Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Balance Lab Rat

I am so excited!! I got picked to be a New Balance product tester. Yay me. I get to try all of the handy dandy new shoes before they even hit the market. Use, review, and return. Then do it all over again. My first pair will be the WR1012. This should be fun. It will definitely make the couch to 5k more fun because today was week 1 day 2 and I still didn't like it. I did it but I didn't like it.
The scale is a funny thing. The more it moves the less the measuring tape does and the less it moves the more the measuring tape does. I wish they would have a meeting and agree with each other. It's like watching the weather on 2 different's just never the same.
I just want to shop!!Seriously, as much as I want to get this last 30-40 pounds off for health I am just as anxious to buy a new wardrobe. There are so many things I see that I want but I refuse to spend the money until I am "done" (whatever that is). I have picked up some t-shirts and chopped and cuffed some jeans into capris but even the thrifty goodwill girl in me would love to just go crazy at the mall. Soon, it is my ultimate and new clothes :o)
My dear friend Aimee found this wonderful blog. This blogger has some of the most unique and yummy recipes I have seen in a while. Yum.


Anonymous said...

I bet Joe would accuse you of lying about this, lol. This is awesome and I'm envious. I LOVE NB comfy.

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