Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So close..yet so far

It has been a long 4 weeks since my last update. I have been at the gym regularly and am finally getting a chance to really run. I am still a little scared to blow out my knee that the doctor fixed long ago but all seems well so far. I lost 7 pounds this past month, not the 10 I was hoping for but I knew the loss would slow as I got closer to my goal.
I have decided to do the Freemont Triathlon on August 8th as my first one and Jeramy bought me a new Trek road bike to help the cause. Of course he bought himself one too..I guess all that overtime is good for something. So as the day approaches I will keep updating. I keep pushing myself physically more than I ever have before and I have come to realize that if I can get to a place where I could inspire I would really like to help others on there journey. I am not sure where this will take me but I know there isn't any turning back.

My favorite quote this month comes from the biggest loser:
"Suck it up cupcake, you aren't the only fat girl in the room"


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