Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry dinner tonight!

That's right I decided I am just not going to feed them..well not really. Every night I make this wonderful dinner that anyone would be proud to sit down and eat. Tonight I am tired. The spin bike at the gym left me in pain and frustrated. I peeked my head into the spin room and there sat 3 generations of skinny bitch. The youngest was in the lead and "teaching" the other two. I immediately picked a bike (if you can call those torture devices that) in the corner and started making adjustments. Lower the seat..move it forward..lower the everyone at this gym 6 foot tall. OK I am ready to go. Oh yeah now that my legs are spinning out of control I should reach down and adjust the clips..woo, and I was off. I was on the spin bike for only 15 minutes. I alternated between standing and sitting. Sitting is fine but even at the closest setting the bars are too far away for me and then standing feels good but even the seat at the lowest setting is getting a little too intimate with my ass. If springtime would hurry up I could just get on a real bike and end my misery. You know the only reason I even do this to myself is because my darling husband called me elliptical obsessed. He thinks I am having an affair with the Reebok cross trainer. I needed to prove to him that I love all of the equipment equally. So after my ever so graceful spin session I completed my weight training circuit and I was outta there. Now I sit here and type and am spent. I have ate oatmeal, chili, baked potato, dried cranberries and of course a kashi bar. No gourmet tonight kiddies...tonight we will feast on cold cut sandwiches and watermelon. So crucify me.


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