Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are we competing?

'Cause if we are no one told me! At my gym they run an annual Biggest Loser Contest with teams from local business'. I honestly dread this time of year. The place gets packed and everyone is walking around like they are better than everyone else because they have been dieting and working out for 3-4 whole weeks. Displaying the "ugly" personalities in full force. There is this one girl in particular that I really feel needs a good ass kicking. She is roughly 19 years old...maybe 20. She first caught my attention because she "mock jogs" on the treadmill. It is like a walk and a jog combined. Good for her I first thought! She has a good deal of weight to lose but hell don't we all. Then I noticed day after day she was only getting on the treadmill and not interested in anything else. Again, I thought whatever works...until she butted into a conversation I was having with another gym member. 120 pound loss is obviously a lot to lose and I get asked about it frequently now. It was during one of these conversations that she chimed in about how it seemed like a fast loss and rolled her eyes at me. C'mon..we are NOT children here and I have not been in high school for a very long time. Well now this girl seems to want to try to keep up with or out do me on everything. If it wasn't for the snide looks and eye rolling I would probably take this as a compliment, like she was trying to emulate my weight loss by following my every footstep. I don't really know what her problem is but I can only assume that the attitude she has is going to hinder her journey. Why do we feel the need to compete with eachother all of the time? This is my life and my time and I am here to live it they I want not the way someone else has. The challenge is over in about 4 weeks, I gym will be empty again except for probably a 10% retention rate from the contest. I hate the first of the year, UGH!


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Ugh, hate new gym people!! You're right though, a couple more months and it will be "back to normal"! Hang in there

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