Saturday, May 16, 2009


The week started out with a not so stellar weigh in and I came to terms with that. Matter of fact the scale has inched down quite nicely since then. I have been horribley ill since I cleaned out the flower beds on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to the gym and hit it hard for an hour, by Wednesday night I was already wheezing and hacking stuff up. Thursday I awoke with the same lovliness deep in my lungs and I hauled my ass to the gym anyway. After 45 minutes on the ellptical my chest was on fire. When Jeramy came home from work he talked me out of didn't take much talking. So I have been a sick, coughing, sneezing bump on a log since Thursday. On the plus side I am not the type that eats when sick..I actually hate it. So between toast, coffee and alot of water I almost feel detoxed and like my body really needed these few days of rest. I am still congested but hoping to wake up better and climb on my bike.
I love my bike. I love not really having to think about it and just letting my mind release. I love the fast descents and even though I don't love the steep climbs I do love the feeling of accomplishment I have at the top. I want nothing more than to feel better and be on that bike tomorrow.


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