Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spandex is a Privilege, Not a Right!!

Me: "My ass hurts"
Jeramy: "You need spandex with a chamois"
Me: "Seriously?"
Jeramy: "Yeah, you need to order some and a sleeveless jersey to get rid of that funny tan"
Me: "ok, fine..if you say they will help."

This conversation was the beginninig of my horror. Spandex! Oh yuck. Jeramy looks fine in his, of course he does. He is tall, toned and weighs 150 pounds. I decided on knickers because at least they would cover that lump of fat above my knee. I didn't want to go too expensive because by the end of the season they will be too big anyway (hopefully). I placed my order for a pair of XL Nashbar Echo Knickers and a XL Pearl Izumi Sleeveless Jersey.They showed up in the mail today and I just stared at the tiny stretchy attire. Obviously, the extra large gods have not seen my ass. Seriously, I had no idea how all this was going to fit into that. True to form Jeramy was encouraging and said I was crazy and to go try them on. In the bedroom I sized up these knickers and prepared myself for the worst. I wore a pair of spanx once and think I slipped a disk trying to get into them. Oh my god!! They went on. A little loose in the waist, tight in the derriere and thighs and a little loose around the knees. The chamois felt like a diaper. I slipped the jersey on and it fit perfectly, even a little baggy in places. I am not used to or comfortable with wearing bottoms that tight but I will give it a try. Hopefully I don't look like that guy.


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