Thursday, May 7, 2009

Training might be the death of me

In three months, 13 weeks to be exact, I will be participating in my very first Triathlon. It is a Sprint Triathlon in Freemont Michigan. Swim 300 meters, Cycle 9 miles, Run 5k. I am excited and a little terrified. Hopefully I will be 25 pounds lighter by then to ease some of the strain on my knees but regardless I plan on hitting it full steam ahead.
For Mother's day I asked for new cycling shoes and clipless pedals, I was beyond excited to get them early and will get to try them out Sunday morning. Last weeks work out was grueling and alot of people ask what I do so I will break it down:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 90 minutes free step
Wednesday: 45 minutes treadmills running intervals
Thursday: 40 minutes Elliptical/ 30 minutes weight training
Friday: 45 minute Zumba Class/ 20 minutes treadmill running intervals
Saturday: 35 Miles Cycling/ 30 minutes weight training
Sunday: 23 Miles Cycling hill work

I have been at this for months...10 months to be exact, 13 months on WW. I should be a freakin' size 2 (yeah right) but alas my body only gives a little at a time. On the flip side I am thrilled that I can keep at it and I love to push myself a little more physically every day. It's a hell of alot more than I could do a year ago.

School is almost out and the girls have noticed how much more active I am with them. School activities aren't such a chore anymore.I have to add that my little gifted Aspen is now at a 3rd grade reading level yet still almost as small as her little sister. That poor girl will be lucky if she grows to 5 foot. Brianne has joined band and the highlight of Chloe's day is going to the gym with us. They have stopped complaining about the Boca burgers and tofu noodles, heck I think they might even like the powdered peanut butter.

I was going to race the Tour De Mont Pleasant which is a USA cycling event but I think I am leaving that one up to Jeramy. I will happily be a cheering spectator because it is not often you get to meet pro cyclist. Jeramy works crazy hours (knock on wood) so his training is limited but I am positive he will hold his own.

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ShellyD said...

Boy, do I know the feeling!! You are going to do FANTASTIC!!

Zumba classes have just arrived in SA and our group of clubs have bought the rights to it or something like that, so the first class is tonight. I am so excited!! Before that I'll be doing an hour session with my personal trainer.

In November we have a huge cycle race in Johannesburg, the 94.7. The day before the big road race they have some shorter mountain bike races. I want to do the 10KM...I'm begging for a Mountain Bike but don't think I will get it for a couple of months. I'll have to save along with them. LOL

I'm not sure I want to know what Boca burgers are or what powdered peanut butter tastes like. LOL

Thanks for being an inspiration and for inspiring my newest blog.

Keep at it.
South Africa

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