Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's a Big Fish..

I rested up yesterday after 8 days straight of working out. I have kicked my own butt for the past week, my schedule looked like this:

Sun: 15 Miles Cycling
Mon: 45 Min Elliptical
Tue: 30 Min treadmill 30 min weights
Wed: 4 Miles walk on the trail (1 hour)
Thu: 30 Min elliptical 30 min weights
Fri: Zumba was cancelled ;o( 25 min treadmill 15 min elliptical 15 min recumbent
Sat: 30 Miles cycling (major hills)
Sun: 34 Miles Cycling.

I wanted to go 50 miles Sunday but my legs just wouldn't have it. For good reason they were tired and needed some rest. The best part was getting up to 30 mph going downhill on the way into Sheridan. What a rush.

I lost 2 pounds and that tbrought my total to 141. I am always swollen on weeks I push hard like that so hopefuly the water weight will subside and the scale will show a little more for all of my hard work.

I Googled my loss and found the picture of this giant halibut. Ok that's a big fish.


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